How To Enable Camera 2 Api :Best Method

How To Enable Camera 2 Api :Best Method

Hi guys Asif here and I am here to share that How To Enable Camera 2 Api of any device.

How To Enable Camera 2 Api

There are tow way to enable Camera 2 Api number one is need to root the phone and the second one is without root. I am gonna share the second method that was Enable Camera 2 Api without root.

So let’s get started:)

What it is the benefits after enabling camera 2 Api?

•You can Customise  the Camera app
•Enable portrait mode
•You can use Google Camera app


ADB Flash Tool [ Please extract it after downloading]

Twrp Recovery [for your mobile model]

How To Enable Camera 2 Api

>First Switch off your device then press power button+ volume down button at the same time now you will see fastboot screen
>Now download the Twrp Recovery file if you don’t have then open Google and  type your model number then type Twrp recovery file and download it.
>After that copy the Twrp Recovery file paste to ADB folder
>Now press and hold the shift key and then click on open commend or open powershall window.
Now we need to type some commends
>1. Fastboot devices

>2. Now type fastboot your Twrp Recovery name.img.

Example: fastboot Twrp2.3.6whyed.img 
>Now your phone will boot into Twrp Recovery mode> click on read only> now you will reach to Twrp menu. 
>3.adb devices
>5.setprop 1
After typing all the commeds you successfully enabled Camera 2api without rooting your phone:)

How to check camera 2 Api enabled?

Download the Camera 2 Api checker app from playstore.

Conclusion: in this article  I shared about how to enable camera 2 api without rooting the phone. I hope you successfully Enabled camera 2 Api on your phone.

If you have any questions or problems then ask me in comment box below. Thank you.

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