How To Bypass Factory Reset Protection 2018

How To Bypass Factory Reset Protection 2018: In this article i am gonna talk about how to bypass factory reset protection from android device. there are many ways to remove frp lock but i am gonna share best 3 methods to remove frp lock that still work in 2018.

How To Bypass Factory Reset Protection 2018

you can try any of then methods and you will remove frp lock from your phone successfully. if you don’t know anything about  what is factory reset protection and you forget your gmail or the password and you really want remove the frp lock then this article for you because we gonna share step by step guide to remove frp lock.

What is Factory Reset Protection ?

factory reset protection is a lock that google put on android phone after 5.0 update. after formatting a phone it will ask you enter your old gmail and password if don’t know then you can unlock your phone. but dont worry there many third party ways that help your remove lock from your phone.
i am gonna share best  methods that actually work and 100% genuine. this methods applied on samsung, xiaomi,oppo, oneplus, etc phone companies.

First method

How To Bypass Factory Reset Protection  Lock With Frp Bypass Apk

  • Frp bypass apk [click here to download]
  • otg cable
  • sdcard

  • first download the frp bypass apk and put into your sdcard 
  • then connect  sdcard to your phone you will see file manager is automatically opened
  • then install the frp bypass apk before installing the apk you will get a pop up “install blocked” click on settings enable the unknown sources option then install the apk
  • after installing click in open now you reach to setting go about phone factory reset then click on erase everything
  • now you successfully removed the frp lock if this method don’t work on your phone then try other 1 method.
Second Method 

How To Bypass Frp Using Pc 


  • First you need to go back to welcome screen then  click in emergency call then dial “911” 
  • enable the Bluetooth option then pair any headset with your phone 
  • now you will see google icon on bottom click on google 
  • then voice search “ok google” now you will see google is opened now search “calculator
  • then open calculator type ” +30012012732+” 
  • now you will dr parswer mode is opened now type *#8080#* 
  • then select dm+acm+adb then click on reboot.
  • after rebooting you will see welcome screen 
  • now download the adb tool link given above 
  • extrtact the file then open adb file
  • now you will see commend mode is opened
  • connect your phone to your pc using a good data cable 
  • now you will see a popup on your phone “usb dugbbing” then click on ok
  • now press any key on your keyword to continue 
  • after pressing any key your phone will reboot then finish the setup tour but dont worry in this time  it does not ask to you enter your gmail and password
now you removed the frp lock if this method is not working then try this method again

Conclusion: in this article i shared about How To Bypass Factory Reset Protection. i hope you removed the lock from your phone successfully if you have any questions or problem then ask me in comment box below.

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